Monday, December 8, 2008

Zone Conference Week

The close of zone conference week in Mendoza. We have a mission song that we sing after we take pictures. It is a favorite of all the missionaries. It is tough for those who are going home to sing it for the last time.
Dr. Petersen removed 10 ingrown toenails and saw over 80 of our missionaries. You can see the other future doctors looking on.
Dr. and Sister Petersen from Burley Idaho, accompanied us to all 6 zone conference meetings, and kept the pace up like teenagers. This is their 3rd mission together. They are remarkable people, and now are in our mission book of great friends.
President Noriega (left) and his counselor President Zanni. They came and spoke at our zone conference in San Juan. If they were all like these men, the church would not need our help. Look on page pg. 49 of the November Ensign and you will see Pres. Zanni and his family, and pg. 20 for Pres. Noriega and family.

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Tara said...

Hope you are surviving without Serena! You are going to be great! It is so fun to have a glimpse into your life there! Those missionaries are so lucky to have you!!!!! I love you. Tara