Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Zone Leader Council- Consejos

Too bad there are no paper plates in Argentina that can actually hold food. Dinner for 30 with china for dinner, salads, and dessert takes a while to clean up. Luckily we have happy Zone Leaders who don't mind helping in the kitchen (just don't tell their mothers, it is a secret).
(left) Elders Slater, Squires, McNees, Wells, Jespersen, Me, Elder Whiteford
They ate so much food, I can't believe they still have energy to move.
Bad photo, but smiles are always in focus.
Below Photo (left back) Elders Lema, Mayta, Cardus, Berrocal, McNees, *Parry, Clayson, President, Elder Miles (middle) Elders Sargent, Lewis, Mendoza, *Sullivan, Manqui, York, Whiteford, Jespersen, Hawks, *Armstrong (bottom) Elders Castellon, Berezay, Martin, Fuentes, Wells, Squires, Slater (*Assistants- *Elder Malakai helped me take photos)

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Melinda Lindahl said...

Hey Grandma! We miss you! We wish you were here. Looks like you guys were having fun for dinner. Wish you were here to swim with us. Love, Lex, Kimball, and Lisee