Monday, June 8, 2009

June Viejitos Leave the Mission

We said goodbye to 12 of 13 missionaries. Elder Mathier we will keep a little longer to open a new area. We love these valiant young Elders who come and give their all for two years. Today was the best and worst day of their lives. Change is hard for everyone, but for some I personally know they will go home to nothing. But others have many opportunties to grow and learn. I hope those who have so much will take advantage of those blessings. Thank you Elders Swensen and Morgan for working till the hour you left, for Elder Searle, Salmon, Moisko who served with us in the office, Elder Riggs for sharing your violin. Thank you, thank you for your service.
(left rear) Elders Salmon, Abreu, Bianansi, Perez, Riggs, Morgan
(left front) Elder Ibara, Me, President, Elders Elescano, Benitez, Searle, Moisko, Swensen

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