Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Nuevitos

No, these are not the Nuevitos, these are the Assistants greeting the missionaries at our home. They sang the mission song as the missionaries left, it was touching. I keep saying it each transfer but- there are no finer young men in the world. (Elders Armstrong, Parry, Sullivan, Malaki)
Our Americans arriving late in the afternoon after many hours (days) of travel. Elder Carter hopefully will join them when his visa arrives in a few weeks. We are grateful these three arrived safe and ready to work- Elder Crowther, Pedersen, Mitchell.
Our Latinos arrived in the morning straight from the Buenos Aires MTC. Two speak very good English (for my sake) and they are all wonderful young men. (L to R) Elders Hinojosa (his arm is in the photo) Rodriguez, Guzman, Coronel (don't count Elder Malaki) Naranjo, Canaza, Rojas.
The replacements to the army have arrived.

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The Alexanders said...

good to see you all doing so well. as we visited buenos aires in may, we found ourselves with several mendoza "veterans" and "recruits" both coming from or going to the mission. in fact, as we waited in aeroparque newberry, we shared stories with the new ones just to excite them even more! you have a great group...keep up the good work! abrazos para todos!