Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zone Conference Week- June

Zone Conference week takes many days of preparation, and the help of numerous individuals. The leadership of the mission is in the capable hands of these fine young men.
Elders Mathier, Armstrong, Sullivan, Parry, Malakai
Office Elders (not shown) Elders Tillery, Lloyd
Senior Couples Elder and Sister Brown and Jarvis
The end of the day is always touching, as we all gather in a circle and sing the mission song. For some missionaries it is the last time they will sing the song and you always see tears in their eyes. The song has become important to them as they sing of the mountains and vineyards and their purpose the bring others unto Christ.
We are lucky to have Elder and Sister Arce who entertain us while we eat our lunch during conferences. Elder Arce has been singing with his guitar for 60 years, dressed in his gaucho costume.

This is the "take a picture with Hermana Lindahl" shot. I am surrounded by happy and healthy Elders who are doing their very best to spread the good news of the gospel here in Mendoza.
President just had to do it some time. When Elder Nieve (snow) arrived in the office, he jokingly said wouldn't it be fun to put him with Elder Snow. Well it happened. They are trading name tags all the time. Today they both have Elder Nieve name tags on. (Now Elder Bateman is waiting for an Elder Robbins to arrive so Batman and Robin can be together)
Maipu/San Martin/Valle de Uco Zone Conference
Maipu Zone Leaders- Elders Mendoza, Lema
San Martin Zone Leaders- Elders Sargent, Fuentes
Valle de Uco- Elders Miles, Manqui
Giving a mission cheer for Mendoza.
Friends- Elders Smith, Swainston, Lloyd, Armstrong, Wajchman.
Hermana love to be together because we are always out numbered. Hermanas Bonilla, Rojas, Me, Llancanao, Adams, Maucotel.
Hermanas Pinto, me, Flake. Aren't they wonderful to come and dedicate their time to the Lord.
Some of the leaders in the mission, coming for advice from the "wise old men." Elders Armstrong, Cardus, Mathier, Malakai.
Elder Parry is headed home, and so his zone lifts him up in celebration. He will return to play baseball for BYU and who knows where from there.
Dr. Walter Petersen, and wife Eileen from Burley Idaho. They toured with us throughout the mission to see all of the missionaries and make sure they are healthy. Dr. Petersen's emphasis is exercise and purified water. Those who listen and are obedient will have fewer physical problems. We love the Petersen's and consider them angels in missionary clothing.
San Juan/Chimbas Zone Conference
San Juan Zone Leaders- Elders Berrocal, Berezay
Chimbas Zone Leaders- Elders Cardus, Martin
Mendoza/Godoy Cruze Zone Conference
Mendoza Zone Leaders- Elders Slater, McNees
Godoy Cruz Zone Leaders- Elders Lewis, Castellon
Office- Elders Tillery, York (tallest Elders in back row)
Guaymallen/San Luis Zone Conference
Guaymallen Zone Leaders- Elders Sullivan, Mayta
San Luis Zone Leaders- Elders York, Whiteford


Wayne & Nita's Mission Blog said...

Presidente Lindahl:
I am Elder Smith with my wife Sister Smith. We are serving in the Buenos Aires West Mission with President Benton. I served in Salta in 1961 when Elder Arce was sing with a group called "Las Voces de Uyera" (Spelling) He went tracting with us a couple of times. I just wanted to say hello to him. He was a great inspiration to us young Elders.

Love Elder Smith

Sarina Thomas said...

You survived another round of zone conferences! Excelente! I miss you!

Tina said...

It looks very familiar!!! Such a blessing to serve in the mission field. You look like you are having fun. Your missionaries look awesome!!! Love to you...