Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Consejos with Zone Leaders and Assistants

A wonderful day with some great leaders of the mission. The day started with brunch at the office, Zone Leader Counsel with a talk from me and President, and then lunch at our mission home. Yes, tacos again. They love them.
(Back left) Elders Manqi, Knight, Contreras, Whiteford, Mendoza, Rossi, Armstrong (AP), Castellon, Cardus, Toledo (middle left) Sanchez, Clayson, Mayta, Wells, Fuentes, Slater, Jespersen, Duel, McNees, Lambert (floor left) Sargent, Martin, Squires (AP), President, Workman.
Elder Duel, Elder Armstrong, Elder Whiteford playing with my camera. They love to leave me these pictures when I am not looking.
Elder Manqi, Elder Knight, Elder Rossi, Elder Castellon, yes I love the photo. Thanks!


Tara said...

Hope you survived the monster meal! What is dad doing on the floor? He has pain in his smile.

Carlynn said...

SO glad Jordy (Elder Deuel) finally found out about your blog and told us about it! (Wish I would have known sooner)
Thanks for taking such good care of our boys! :)