Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sights around San Rafael

How many times have you thought about the majesty of the Andes Mountains. We drive along them every time we travel the mission. It was a hazy day, but a good reminder of the magnificent peaks, loaded with snow.
Cute little church in Tunuyan

Once in a while I take a photo that I think should be made into a postcard. This is one of them. The countryside was so beautiful. The trees are just starting to get their leaves. Spring is here.

This house sits probably 50 miles from any other structure. It is right off the freeway, and reminds me of a pony express stop. We are talking real desert, no trees, for hundreds of miles.
This home also is all by itself 50 miles from any town. The Argentine flag is always flying.

The men just had to stop at a tack shop to check out the horsie gear. Elder Squires (middle) works on a church ranch in Florida (largest east of the Mississippi over 300,000 acres)
Probably the largest rattlesnake skin I have ever seen, pinned to the ceiling of this shop.
Cervantes, the owner of the shop shows Jim some of his wares. They make custom things in leather, raw hide, and metals. He was delightful to talk with and was so proud of his family run business.
You can't come to Argentina with out seeing some gauchos. We got to visit with them and find out a little about their lives.
These two gauchos are working men. They are very proud of their clothing. Those boots are all soft leather, no hard sole. They are wide at the top to tuck your pants into them. There is a strap at the ankle that actually keeps the boot on. Look at the stirrups. You can't see it, but he has the traditional knife tucked against his back under his belt. The wool pad under his homemade saddle (no horn) is about 4 inches thick. The halter is raw hide, very decorative.

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Walt and Eileen said...

We love your posts! Wonderful to see you, your missionaries and your mission.
We pray all is well with you and your family.
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - Buenos Aires
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