Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Nuevitos

They arrived safely, minus 5 Americans who didn't receive their visas. Elder Barrus was the only lucky one. We now have 6 missionaries who need to be here but aren't. Sister Kartchner is now serving in Baltimore waiting for her visa, she has already served 4 months. Their companions are waiting, and we have had to close pensiones because of it.
(Left) AP Elder Squires, Elders Martinez, Cabranes, Barrus, Leal, President, Me, Elders Morinico, Crossa, AP Elder Armstrong
New Missionaries for Mendoza Mission in front of the statue Cerro de la Gloria (Hill of Glory). We looked over the city so the new missionaries could see their mission and visualize themselves creating miracles, for the "field is white and already for harvest" here in Mendoza. The angel above on the statue has broken the chains of bondage, and represents the liberty of the people. We like to use that as an analogy here in the mission- for we all come with attributes that bind us (shyness, pridefulness, lack of faith) but the mission provides a new clean slate. Change can happen if you want it bad enough.

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