Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Visit with President Mitillo in San Luis

Our travels took us to San Luis (East) for a meeting with the Stake President and our Zone Leaders. President Mitillo and his wife met us Thursday afternoon and brought us on a tour of San Luis, and where the President feels the growth of San Luis is headed. This picture is taken over one of the passes, looking out into the valley of San Luis.
President Mitillo and his wife were gracious enough to make sure President saw a horse racetrack, since they knew of his love of horses. Not the best picture of a racetrack, but there must be stadium seating for every good racetrack and I wanted to include a picture of President and his wife.
Every large city has it's monument in honor of their independence. I have in previous pictures shown Cerro de la Gloria which is in Mendoza. This is the entrance to San Luis's monument depicting the freedom of oppression. As San Martin swept over the Andes from Chile, he gathered an army to fight his battles. When San Martin got to San Luis, he took all the men from the city. He left only the very old, and very young. In the tunnels you will see plaque after plaque with thousands of names of the men who were forced to leave their families and homes and march with San Martin.

We stayed in a lovely hotel on this large lake. Around the lake is a racetrack for formula cars. As I drove up the canyon to the lake, all of a sudden the road turned into a raceway, with tires on the sides and pit stop areas. So the actual road you travel on circling the lake is the race track. They had hoped to win world attention and have racing here in Argentina, but up to now the city has only hosted nation racing.
O.K. this is a prize. Riding slowly around the streets in a small sleepy town (we were checking out for future missionary work) was this great bus. They had a loud speaker advertising their wares. All of the things you see above and on the bus are for sale. The back of the bus was open and on the tail gate were numerous pots and pans. It was so cute I just had to take a picture.
The old train station in the town.
This irrigation ditch went forever. It reminded me of the ditches in Utah where my Grandmother Naylor use to live. It didn't matter what time of day, or night, you had to set your alarm and open the gates when it was your turn. Great memories.

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