Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party (Wednesday) Chimbas, San Rafael, Godoy Cruz, Valle de Uco, San Martin, Off-ice

Santa came again to Argentina for another party. It is a long way to travel, but with the sleigh and all it didn't take long.
Our sisters loved being together and swapping stories about bad hair cuts, and washing their clothes in a bucket. Left- Hermanas Chamorro, Villalba, Hunt, Llancanao.
He tried to crash the party, this fake Santa (Elder Lloyd), but the peace sign gave him away.
Getting ready to play the white elephant game, the only sisters in the circle, Sisters Burnett and Maucotel gear up to compete.
Sisters Rojas, Alvez and Sybrowsky keep their circle in check.
Elders Orozco and Jones show their winnings, but are hoping to trade for something better.
Elder Ayer waving hello.
Elder Meldrum worked hard to win this Batman, Elder Bateman thought he should win it.
Elder Lambert and Frischknecht having a good time.
Elders Sprague, Bigelow, Knight, Crossa
Elders Ayer, Berezay, Whiteford, Eliason, Salazar, Arparcana.
Elders Davis and Ryan.
Elders Bills and Wajchman.
Elders Paz and Gomez.
Elders Cubilla and Roncal playing the Preach My Gospel game.
Our audience waiting for the start of the Christmas Pageant.
Our famous actors did a wonderful job of portraying the birth of Jesus Christ. They read their parts with great emotion and we all enjoyed the program.
Left- Elder Rodriguez, Hermana Maucotel, Burnett, Villalba, Elders Ayala, Medina, Cardus, Paz, Ayer.
Our gaucho in his new costume- actually Elder Jarvis, who played a tango number on his accordian for our talent show. (Yes that is peanut butter in the jars behind him. I had a little store selling chocolate chips, powdered sugar, brown sugar, condensed milk, all the things they can't buy where they live)
Sister Brown reloading up the treats table for today's party.
Sister Brown and Jarvis, Santa's helpers.

The talent show was represented by every zone. This skit was about President (Elder on the left) having a meeting with his AP's (Elders on the right).
Elder Farnsworth led his zone in a Polynesian dance. Almost as fierce as the dance on Tuesday. I love the enthusiasm of Hermana Rojas.

Elder Meldrum playing a wonderful piano solo.

Santa handing out his Christmas gifts, a stocking full of goodies, a DVD of all the movies the mission has made, as well as landscape pictures from the missionaries.
President and I with the Sisters who were at the Wednesday Christmas Party. (Left- Hermanas Maucotel, Hunt, Burnett, Llancanao, Pres. Sybrowsky, Me, Alvez)
A special picture of our Provo valley missionaries- Elders Slater, Frischknecht, Pres., Me, Hermana Sybrowsky, Elders Meldrum and Bills. We only missed Elders Vazquez, Armstrong and Chase (Tuesday)

A Big Thank You to the Rastelli and Acosta families for their help in cooking and serving of our Christmas Feast.

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Frederick said...

President and Sister Lindahl,
Thank you so much for all you do for the missionaries! You and your staff do so much. Merry Christmas to all of you and have a wonderful new year! May Heavenly Father pour his choicest blessings upon! God be with you.
Elder Lambert's family