Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Zone Conference 2009

San Rafael and Alvear Zone Conference
(Alvear Zone Leaders- Elders Vazquez, Patterson)
(San Rafael Zone Leaders- Elders Roy, Aparcana)
Mendoza and Godoy Cruz Zone Conference
(Mendoza Zone Leaders- Elders Stevenson, Reynolds)
(Godoy Cruz Zone Leaders- Elders Rodriguez, Wiest)

Guaymallen, San Luis, Villa Mercedes Zone Conference
(Guaymallen Zone Leaders- Elders Sargent, Toledo)
(San Luis Zone Leaders- Elders Fuentes, Boudrero)
(Villa Mercedes Zone Leaders- Elders Hawks, Mendoza)
Maipu, San Martin, Valle de Uco Zone Conference
(Maipu Zone Leaders- Elders Kirk, Medina)
(San Martin Zone Leaders- Elders Lambert, Ayala)
(Valle de Uco Zone Leaders- Elders Clayson, Cardus)
San Juan, Chimbas Zone Conference
(San Juan Zone Leaders- Elders Martin, Mayta)
(Chimbas Zone Leaders- Elders Bills, Wajchman)

Elders Sargent, Bills, Reynolds, Vazquez
This is what everyone of our missionaries needs for Christmas- new socks. I won't say whose socks these are, but he has only been on the mission a year!

The short and tall- one keeps losing weight and the other keeps gaining. Darn genetics!
Elder Roberts, Malakai, Petersen, Hinojosa
Sister Chamoro, Maucotel,me, Sisters Burnett, Villalba
A must have picture- The San Luis Zone training was on being good listeners. This will be one of those pictures we will want to keep and show their children some day.
The Zone Conference theme was on companionship unity. The Elders were in a square and had to work together going up and down at the same time to accomplish the 20 pushups (their combined bautismal goal). If one was too tired, another scooted in quickly to take up the slack. Thus they were able to accomplish their goal in the time alotted.
Sister Brown our nurse had a wonderful Christmas gift for our missionaries. When a missionary calls and has injuried himself she asks them if they have a heat pack or ice pack. Of course they never do, and so a young man named Charles Kayser, from Utah, made rice bags for every missionary in our mission for an eagle scout project. You just put them in the microwave or freezer, depending on the need. They will be used a lot in this mission. Our missionaries do a lot of service activities.

Sister Rojas, me, and Sister Pintos
President with Elders Well and Lebron. Two great missionaries.


Atacha said...

I must say you guys are pretty awesome and I'm extrememly blessed to be able to check this page out daily. I want you guys to know that I truly appreciate the time and effort put into this site. I absolutly love it. I love seeing how the missionaries are so close, having fun, and getting chunkier through time. I must tell you that we have not received pictures from Elder LeBron and we completely understand and accept that he is dedicated and has minimal time to send us any, but seeing him here has made me and his family so happy. Thank you guys so much for the time served, and the love you have for every missionary. President Lindhal thank you so much for being a great example to Elder LeBron, he has a great love for you. I love the picture you guys took together and Sister Lindhal thank you so much for this blog and the motherly love you offer to all your children(misioneritos). Thank you both again. You guys are awesome!!!!Feliz Navidad

Atacha said... I forgot to mention the prank I pulled on Elder LeBron's family. On Tuesday when I went to my weekly visit to his mother's house, I took along some of the pictures you had posted. The small stack of pictures started off with a few missionary group pictures and they were very excited and happy to see them, then as her mother is flipping over to the final picture she sees the one with the torn up missionary socks on a missionary. She said "Ewww,Y de quines son son estas medias?" and I told her "De tu hijo!" She immidietly stood quiet and shocked,no one could believe it every body started laughing and actually believed it for a minute or two, then I had to tell them the truth and tell them about the exercise you had done and that the owner of those socks was kept confidential. But it opened up there eyes a little more to the true sacrifice these missionaries go through and although we laughed and joked about it, as time went by the conversation got more serious and spiritual and I was able to share with them a little more about the gospel and why it means so much to every missionary, every member and to me and their son Elder LeBron. Thanks for the posting the pictures!