Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zone Leader Consejos

(back left) Elders Mendoza, Kirk, Bills, Rodriguez,Clayson, Hawks, Cardus, Toledo, Wajchman, Boudrero, Squires (AP). (middle left) Elders Mayta, Stevenson, Roy, Aparcana, Ayala, Fuentes, Patterson, Vazquez, Lambert, Sargent. (bottom left) Elders Martin, Slater (AP), Medina, Weist.
Even a Chilean can appreciate Mexican Taco's. Elder Fuentes covering his tacos with guacamole
I think Elder Sargent won the award for eating the most tacos. He says it's no fair because he only put meat and cheese on his tortillas.
Their tummies were full, so they sat down for a long winters nap (which is hard to do in the middle of an Argentina summer)
Elder Wajchman and President. We were able to spend a lovely Stake Conference with his mom and grandpa in the Maipu Stake. What a wonderful family.
The unveiling of the mission book. All of last years blog pictures were made into a book by Jim's mother (with some help from Bea) and put into print. It is a wonderful memory and fun for the missionaries to see themselves in print.
Some very handsome missionaries- Peruvian, Chilean, Argentinean, Peruvian living in Buenos Aires.
Elder Mendoza and Hawks were our traveling teachers who were just made zone leaders to open a new zone in San Luis, the name is Villa Mercedes. They took off the traveling hat and put on the zone leader hat- and it fits just fine.
Friends who were all together in the San Martin zone many months ago, they were swapping stories about the good old days before all the responsibility. It is funny how it only takes a few months for them to think that those were the good old days. Now they are competing against one another.

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Tara said...

My favorite are the pictures of the elders cleaning up in the kitchen after! I hope dad is teaching the real life lessons like, "men do dishes, with a smile" Very cute.