Wednesday, December 16, 2009

San Juan Stake Conference

Sister Noriega and Celia Sarmiento the lady (non-member) who cooked and served lunch after the Sunday Stake Conference. The cake Sister Noriega is holding is very typical of Argentine cakes. It is three or four thin layers of vanilla cake with dulce-le-leche between one layer, cream between another, and strawberry flavored cream between another. This was covered in more cream around the edges. It was quite good.
These young ladies played in the orchestra for the San Juan Stake Conference along with the Institute choir. They were wonderful. Our missionaries sang at the Saturday night session. These young ladies along with two young men made up the string orchestra. Jim and I spoke at both sessions.
These sweet faces are the Stake Presidencies children. Both Stake Presidents in the San Juan area are quite young. They are strong leaders with a wonderful spirit about them. They support our missionaries and take opportunities to teach them how to be better.
Darling little girls
Typical Christmas candy that was on the Stake Presidents desk. After the lunch we gathered in his office and there were little gifts for each of the children and the adults underneath the Christmas tree that was in the corner of his room. The children were so happy. It was fun to see them take the candy that they wanted, it reminded me of my own grandchildren. O.K. there was a sad moment, but I got over it.
The Christmas tree with all the gifts.
President Noriega and his daughter.
This happy little boy is the son of President Zanni, counselor to President Noriega. President Zanni has a brother who just happens to be the Stake President of the other stake, Chimbas Stake. Both the Stake Presidents fathers serve as Patriarchs in their sons stakes. Close family ties.
President Noriega, Jim, President Zanni, President Caseres.


Diego said...

Great leaders of our Church. What a wonderful blessing to have worked with them.

Lorrie Williams said...

Sister Lindahl,
I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful blog where you have posted pictures and stories of your missionaries. I am the mother of Elder Lawrence Williams and I just want to let you and your husband know how grateful we are for your taking such good care of our son. It has been an emotional year, but we always knew he was in good hands. Please give our love to your husband also as we wish you both a wonderful Christmas. You are both a very sweet and devoted couple and we feel it a blessing for Elder Williams to have had you as his mission parents.

Lorrie Williams

Tara said...

Wow mother, your gorgeous blond hair really pops out! You look great. Those kids are adorable. They kind of look like mine. I love you. Miss you this time of year. Tara