Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Consejos With the Zone Leaders

(Left back) Elders Boudrero, Mendoza, Mayta, Reynolds, Wajchman, Bills, Vazquez, Matson (Middle) Elders Cardus, Mamani, Toledo, Gonzalez, Ayala, Briceño, Kirk, Clayson, Stevenson, Patterson (Front) Elders Smith, Martin (AP) Aparcana, Roy, Squires (AP), Rodriguez, Weist, Medina.
The morning starts at the chapel with a brunch. The Zone Leaders (24) travel long distances to gather for their training. They are all wonderful leaders in the mission who have taken on an extra share of responsibility to keep the mission running within their zones. They take the pressure off the President and the Assistants. We couldn't do it without them.
All these fine young men are working on their English. I help them with their English and they help me with my Spanish. Some days I think their English is better than my Spanish.
Elders Wajchman (Buenos Aires), Elder Mamani (Buenos Aires), Elder Cardus (Spain), Elder Mendoza (Buenos Aires), Elder Toledo (Chile)
Just kicking back after a long day and a lot of food. Elders Gonzalez, Mayta, Ayala, Aparcana, Briceño.
Hermana Mallea putting the cream on the jello. It takes us all day cutting fruit and vegetables for salsa, and the salads. I buy 14 pounds of ground beef, 120 taco shells, 10 packages of cheese, and pounds of fruits and vegetables. In one hour time it will be all gone along with 2 sheet cakes and 2 kilos of ice cream.
Elder Reynolds sharing with me a book that his mother had written about her experience losing her husband three years ago in an accident, and caring for her seven children. Her book "Solo" talks about her steps through the process of grieving and then towards wholeness and healing. I wanted this picture of us together so I could put it in this book so I will always remember this fine young man who has been such a strength to his mother. He is a young man who is mature beyond his years.

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Lauren Pelton said...

I now have your blog at the top of my bookmarked pages as our daughter is on her way to you! We are as ecxited as she is. It's great to be able to look at the pictures as we start to think about shopping. Thanks for your service. (She enters the
MTC Apr. 21)
Karen Pelton
mother of Lauren Pelton
Bothell, Wa