Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Zone Conference

This should have been the last picture- the Assistants at the end of the zone conference. Elder Martin and Squires sitting in President's office starting to plan for the next month. The hours are long, the associations are great, and the pay is unbelievable (life changing blessings). The Lord has a perfect plan for all our missionaries. At the most "invincible" years, all our great missionaries learn where happiness really comes from- giving, not getting. And in their "humbling" they learn more about themselves than any 4 year degree would teach. It is the most inexpensive education as far as money, but it costs in sacrifice.
It has been a long day, and Hermana's Deem, Flake, Rojas and Pintos wait for their ride to the bus terminal. They bring the suitcase to carry back all their "pedidos" (mail, packages, missionary needs).
During interview time with President, these smart missionaries found the only room with a fan- the primary room. The temperatures outside are close to 100 degrees. I hope they didn't bend any chairs. It is fun for them to get together and visit. (left) Elders Whitefore, Berezay, Ayer, Barra, Lloyd, Williams.
Just saying hi to all you mom's out there. (left) Elders Ayer, Berezay, Jones, Ashby, Williams, Ahmad, Moncur, Crowther, Martins, Eliason, Zullo, Linares.
Happy Missionaries- Elders Mitma, Williams, Brown, Deuel, Hopkin, Robinson, Harvey.
Elders Bodily, Garcia, Matin, Rogers, Conti, Toledo.
Elders Sanchez, Davis, Hawks, Morgan, Smith,Porres, Squires, Alfonso, Miller, Harker.
Collecting their pedidos- Elders Figueroa, Morinico, Hermanas Maucotel, Burnett.
Hermanas Pintos, me, Flake, Deem, Bonilla, Rojas, Warren.
Elders Cubilla, Bateman, Martin, Canaza.
We were privileged to have Dr. Petersen and his wife Eileen with us on the zone conference tour. This is their 3rd tour in our mission during their 18 months service as the Area Medical doctor. They leave next month for home (Burley Idaho), and we wanted to give them a little memory from the Mendoza Mission- a knife and fork set for their "asado" barbeque, and a rose stone bracelet for Sister Petersen (mined here in Mendoza). We will miss them very much, not only because Dr. Petersen is a great doctor, but because we consider them dear friends.
We are blessed to have some wonderful pianist in the mission, who are very accomplished. Here Elder Pedersen is playing the mission song for us, but he also played the musical number for his zone conference. The funny thing about this new group of pianists is that along with Elder Pedersen we have Elder Patterson, and Elder Peterson. It is quite a tongue twister.
Elder Hawks saying goodbye to the Rastelli family for the last time. He is leaving this transfer. Also Jonathan Rastelli has just received his mission call to Venezuela and will be leaving in a few months. Some lucky mission president has no idea what a fine young man he is receiving.
Hermanas Petersen, Maucotel, Burnett, Brown, Me, Villalba, Chamorro. (Thanks Sister Barlow for the necklace)
Our Zone Leaders helping out in the kitchen, Elders Wiest, Reynolds (Elder Meldrum just stopping in to see if there were any leftovers).
President with his bodyguards- Elder Castellon (Columbian military freedom fighter) and Elder Lebron (ex-Puerto Rican gang member). Nobody better mess with them.
Singing the mission song after their conference. Elders Martins, Guzman, Crowther, Fielding, Berezay, Whiteford, Barra, Rojas.
At all the zone conferences was a great video introducing March Madness, a friendly zone competition with brackets of eliminations. The movie was a hit, but I think the most laughs went out to Hermanas Brown and Jarvis as the cheerleaders. Thanks Elder Carter for your great editing skills.
San Juan and Chimbas Zone Conference.
Elder Smith and Elder Mayta (San Juan Zone Leaders)
Elder Bills and Elder Wajchman (Chimbas Zone Leaders)
Mendoza, Godoy Cruz Zone Conference.
Elder Stevenson and Elder Reynolds (Mendoza Zone Leaders)
Elder Wiest and Elder Briceño (Godoy Cruz)
Guaymallen, San Luis, Villa Mercedes Zone Conference.
Elder Toledo and Elder Gonzalez (Guaymallen Zone Leaders)
Elder Vazquez and Elder Bourdrero (San Luis Zone Leaders)
Elder Clayson, Elder Mendoza (Villa Mercedes Zone Leaders)
San Martin, Maipu, Valle de Uco Zone Conference.
Elder Ayala and Elder Rodriguez (San Martin Zone Leaders)
Elder Medina and Elder Kirk (Maipu Zone Leaders)
Elder Cardus and Elder Mamani (Valle de Uco Zone Leaders)
San Rafael, Alvear Zone Conference.
Elder Aparcana and Elder Roy (San Rafael Zone Leaders)
Elder Patterson and Elder Matson (Alvear Zone Leaders)
Special Guest Speaker- Miguel Pedersen
Last photo with the office couples for Dr. Petersen. (left) Elder and Hermana Brown, Elder and Hermana Petersen, President and I, Elder and Hermana Jarvis.
We love our Senior Couples. We are all in this together. We all volunteer our lives and our hearts to the service of our Heavenly Father. No where in the world would you find people willing to leave their families, businesses, and pay their own way to go to a foreign country (and some not even speaking the language) just because a prophet said- "WE NEED YOU."

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Atacha said...

I love how you called them your body guard. And its very true...he sure was an x-Puerto Rican gangster, but the Puerto Rican is still in him...well at least we think it is. He might be more Argentinian for all we know. But it's always so nice to him so strong and a changed man. Thanks for all the work and effort you and the zone leaders put in teaching them the necessary skills. Thanks for posting another amazing picture!