Monday, January 4, 2010

The Stewart's Came To Visit

Donna and Steve Stewart came to visit us before they started on a cruise out of Santiago, Chile. They were traveling with Steve's brother Darcy and his wife Colleen. I felt bad because Jim was called away with mission problems and couldn't be there to talk with Steve. Maybe another time.
I took them to two of our favorite restaurants, the Florencia and Tristan's. They decided to be brave the last night and ordered an Argentine parilla (BBQ). They were surprised to see the different varieties of meat that came and even though Steve was brave he just couldn't finish the dinner of blood sausage, intestines and gizzards. The steak and chicken were all consumed and so no one went hungry.
Darcy was a little less brave and ordered himself a Bife de Lomo, the very typical steak of Argentina.
Our last night together before they left the next day on the bus to cross the border to Chile. It was a delight to see friendly American faces and to talk about everyday things. Thank you Stewart's for making the effort to come all the way to visit us (hope your bus ride back was less adventuresome as the ride here over the Andes).

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