Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Missionaries Arrive and Old Ones Leave

We have yet to have all of our missionaries arrive at the same time for the last 8 months. Poor Elder Luce arrived a few days late because of visa problems, but he is the lucky one because Elder Williams has still not arrived and it is going on two months. But Sister Kartchner still holds the record of serving 3 1/2 months in the US before her visa arrived.
No, this is not a line up shot. We take this picture in front of the solid wall at the airport to reproduce later and write their names and companions names above their heads. It makes it easier for the office staff to have names and faces all on one paper. (Left) Elders Fielding, Carr, Davenport, Tucker, Barlow, Moncur, Mason, Benitez, Hoggard, Boisados, Taylor, Ruiz, Hermanas Román, Whitmore.
You can't see us all melting, but it was 104 degrees and it was hot standing in the direct sun. We go to the top of the hill "Cerro de la Gloria" so the missionaries can view their city and where they will serve.
On their way to the mission home to have dinner with Hermana and President Lindahl.
Viejitos- the Oldies after they have had dinner and a testimony meeting with us in our mission home. We took this picture with everyone standing in a specific place so that it would match a picture that they all have of each other in front of the Provo temple before they left as a district from the MTC. I meant to scan it in, but didn't have time. We have the picture in our guest book in the mission home. This is a special group of Elders who all had leadership positions in the mission. They have remained close friends since the MTC and every zone conference looked for each other. We will miss these valiant young men. Each one went home exhausted from running so hard. (left) Elders Steig, Wells, Malakai, McNees, Workman, Slater, Jesperson, Ryan, Lambert. WE LOVE YOU!
Elder Malakai and Elder Ryan, using their Argentine flags as their superman capes. They truly are supermen.

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Frederick said...

Thank you for taking care of my son for the past 18 months! We love you!