Saturday, March 6, 2010

February 18-20 Area Conference in Buenos Aires

The only time President leaves his mission is for one of these bi-annual Area Conference meetings. It is a wonderful time to visit with old friends and also say goodbye to the President's and wives who will be going home in July. These people are all saints of the very best kind. President Bowen will be receiving a new assignment this April and so we will be getting a new President. The Bowen's are such a great example to us of serve and sacrifice, we will miss them.
We took the opportunity to take a picture of our group of President's and wives that we came out with- (left) Lindahl's, Northcutt's, Villalba's, Benton's, del Castillo's.
We will miss seeing the Asay's at our conferences, they are going back to Provo in July. When we are all home in Provo we will have a lot in common, and many stories to tell of the good ol'days.
You can't see the depth of the problem in this photo, but we were in a flood in the middle of Buenos Aires city, in a traffic jam for 45 minutes. Soon after this picture the water depth was so high that the smaller cars had to pull up onto the sidewalk because their exhaust pipes were under water. The people walking on the sides had water up to their knees. Our conference room at the hotel had water streaming under the door twenty feet into the room. The storm was unbelievable.
Down the street from the hotel after the storm had stopped. This famous obelisk is an icon of Buenos Aires in the middle of the city. They claim the street is the widest street in the world.
I always find a fun picture to take when I travel about. I just had to capture this man selling plants. He would stop ocassionally and sell to the store owners. These are industrious people, trying to make a living in a tough economy.

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