Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Missionaries Arrive

The prison line up- just kidding! At the airport we take the picture so we can write above their heads on the photo their names and who their companion will be (once President give us the word).
(left) Elders White, Hyer, Menocal, Quintero, Barton, Hermanas Ochoa, Gutierrez, Elders ArrĂșa and Wilson.
For the Americans the flight here is a long day of two flights to get to Buenos Aires, a change of airport, then wait all day long to get your flight to Mendoza. Their first airline flight was to be at 2:20, then it was 6:30, but by the afternoon, it was 9:30 PM. They arrived too late to eat at the mission home, so we brought them to the offices and fed them sandwiches. They were tired (especially the Americans) but by the next morning, and after a good shower, all was well.

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