Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special Visits

Ester (grandmother) and Facundo Baron. They are new members of the church. Ester was the secretary to the Catholic church in the area. She is just waiting to go to the temple when she reaches a year in the church. Facundo wants to serve a mission. They are a special family.
The Gonzalez family live out in the middle of a finca (farm). There is no one anywhere near them. Somehow the missionaries contacted them and converted them five years ago.
Carlos Gonzalez with President. Carlos was showing him the ropes and harnesses he has made by hand. President bought one of the ropes from him for a memory.
The Gonzalez family. The parents do not read or write, but they are faithful members of the church (5 years). Their daughter goes to seminary every morning at 5:30 and is picked up by the stake president. She comes home and reads the Book of Mormon to her parents and teaches them what she has learned. They are such humble people.
Assistants Elder Wiest and Elder Rodriguez checking out the Gonzalez's water wheel made from steel oil containers. It makes for a colorful sight. It moves the water from a near by irrigation ditch to a pipe that runs to their house.

Elder Rodriguez with President, checking out the chapel we just rented in Salto de las Rosas.
The chapel is a one room small building, that is along the main road in San Rafael.

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