Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Senior Couples Have Arrived!

Sister Nope
After selling their home to be able to serve a mission, and moving out in time to leave- their visas didn't arrive. So they have been staying with a few of their 9 children on a forced vacation until they got the green light from the church. We found out the visas were signed over a month ago but the Argentine consulate just never bothered to send them. We just know we are going to love Sister Nope, on her first day on the job she had the mission office cleaned and organized.
Patient Elder Nope, realizing their dreams to serve a mission where now about to begin at that very moment. We just love their last name, because Elder Nope will be handling the finances of the mission. Can't you just picture him right now answering that phone call for more money from one of our missionaries- "Please can I have more money?" The answer- "Nope."
Sister Packer
She has followed her husband around the world and so arriving in Argentina probably wasn't quite as a surprise. They have lived in the Philippines and Japan. She is going to serve as our mission nurse and we are so happy she has agreed to serve with us.
Elder Packer
An Air Force colonel who is use to giving orders. We have 200 children who can still benefit from that talent. We hope the Packer's and the Nope's all enjoy their 18 month stay along the Andes Mountains.

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Melinda Lindahl said...

I love the Nope name. I thought of the same thing. So funny! Didn't know Serena got married. Good for her! Where did she get married and where are they going to live?