Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Day With Elder Sybrowsky, Lynne, and Hermana Sybrowsky

Unless you haven't figured it out- it is winter in Mendoza Argentina. Our beautiful vineyards are brown and our trees are without leaves. Our countryside is asleep waiting for spring. But despite this fact the Sybrowsky's still came to pick up their daughter. They have spent the week doing missionary work, extending an invitation to return to church, putting a date for a baptism, and encouraging the members to stay active. They are wonderful people who are always asking us how they can help. Elder Sybrowsky spoke at a fireside on Thursday at the institute, with his daughter translating for him. They are all just plain old wonderful people.
We took them on a tour of our favorite winery, Salentein. When you come to wine country you have to experience a little of what these peoples lives are all about. A large number of our members in our mission area are somehow employed by or business related to the growing of grapes.
The acoustics in this building create a spot on the basement floor of the winery, where when you speak, your voice sounds like it is speaking into a microphone. Elder Sybrowsky took the opportunity on his turn to begin a welcoming speech. It is hard for any General Authority when given a microphone (even if it is just acoustical) not to preach a sermon.
At the end of the tour there is always wine tasting. We thought we would just listen to the explanations of the wine and their properties. You can see Hermana Sybrowsky and I smiling, but Elder Sybrowsky turned a bit serious when the tour guide was offering him a glass of wine. He was gracious and took the glass and swirled the wine to see the color, but promptly put it down. Boy was President and I relieved.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the La TupiƱa Restaurant (The word means cauldron or black pot). A special event, with 5 different Argentine appetizers, a lovely meal and dessert. The dishes are cooked in a black cauldron in the fireplace behind us. The best part was sitting for two hours and reliving old times in Provo, and our experiences in the mission. These are delightful people to be around.


Vicki Willes said...

Lynne--Your hair looks so perfect that is could have only been done by Melanie Stookie! I am glad Pres. and Sister Lindahl took good care of the 3 of you. They are wonderful people! Enjoy having your daughter home!!!

Melinda Lindahl said...

Looks cold and like you guys really enjoyed yourselves. You guys look great!

Tara said...

How neat! They are such wonderful people! I can't believe how different it looks in the winter!