Thursday, May 5, 2011

April/May Zone Conference

Thank you Elder Leal and Elder Harvey for the wonderful training and classes organized for the missionaries. There is a lot of pressure put upon the Assistants to the President during our zone conference time. They did a great job!

When Joseph Smith wrote section 4 of the D.C. and the highly quoted line, "thrust in your sickle with all your might" it was 1829 and those were the tools of the day. The missionaries went out two by two, and traveled on foot and knocked doors. But today is not 1829 and we have so many other great tools. Missionary work needs to move into the 21st century.
There is no "I" in Team Work!

Two men using a sickle can harvest one acre of land. One combine can harvest 200 acres. The missionaries are learning how to work smart. They have great resources available to them. They have Bishops, Auxiliary leaders, Mission Leaders, Members.
You can do the math- if you had 4 combines out working you could harvest 8 acres of land. Missionaries are learning to work better with members to earn their trust. Using effectively all the tools available to them, they can cover more ground more quickly and the harvest will gather more results.

The best results we saw in a demonstration of team work. There were twenty combines working one field. It was incredible to watch the video as the combines were transferring their grain from the tractor to the trucks right on the field. The organization was magnificent. The application was easy as the Assistants talked about using all that they have, progressing investigators sheets, organized Area Books, and a more professional approach with the ward Mission Leader. Coming prepared with all their goals and work written down for them to see.
A great big thanks to the Rastelli's for cooking a total of 240 lunches for us in 4 days. We couldn't do it with out the help of the Rastelli's.

SCRIPTURE CHASE- the competition was fierce.
Winners Elder Eliason and Elder Olson had to break the tie somehow!
Elder Carr, Barrus, Olson.
Winner Elder Carr.
Alvear Zone Training and practices with Zone Leaders Elders Barra and Scoville.

San Rafael Zone training with leaders Elders Abella and Morinico.
Guaymallen Zone training with leaders Elders Gomez and Cabranes.
Hermana Resquin, Diaz, me, Richins, Thatcher.
New Missionaries Elders Whittle, Hudgens, Kelley, Thatcher, Bareiro, Echevaria, Linares.

Old missionaries Elders Orosco, Pena, Barrus, me, Jones, Petersen, Robinson, Olson, Lucas.
Elders Morinico, Martinez, Cabranes, Crossa, Barrus.
Elders Carr, Baker, Hudgens, Whittle, Reninger, Wharton.
Elders Sterling, Robinson, Petersen, Stout, Mori, Summers, Sargent, Crossa, Lucas.
President with Elder Arauz one of our Panamanian Elders who always wears the most beautifully hand stitched ties. I wish you could see how each piece is tightly hand stitched to perfection. This is very typical of our Panamanian missionaries ties.

Training at the tables by our Assistants.
Valle de Uco training by their leaders Elders Fielding and Rabanal.
Godoy Cruz training by their leaders Elder Moncur and White.
Mendoza Zone training by their leaders Elders Orduña and Garcia.
Hermana Roas, winner of the scripture chase.
Hermanas Astorga, Wilde, Ricks, me, Roas.
New missionaries- Elders Lopez, Jovel, Cristeche, Gonzalez, Rios, Barrientos, Benitez, Drennan.
Elders Huntington, Owens, Valle, Galati, Garcia, Rios.

Assistants training.
Scripture chase.
Elder Menocal winner of the scripture chase.
Chimbas Zone training by leaders Elders Menocal and Roberts. Great acting!

San Martin Zone training by leaders Elders Mason and George.
San Juan Zone training by leaders Elders Sandford, Hyer.
Hermanas Andersen, me and Guiterrez.
Elders Marquez, Caro, Argumedo, Oliveros, Guillen, Gonzalez, Sanchez.
Elders Coronel, Passantino, Hermana Andersen, Baker, Caro, Austin.
Elders Stufflebeam, Easely, Riquelme, Winkel, Argumedo.
Elders Allen, Harvey, Hyer, Passey, Baker.
Just trying out the seats on the luxury bus taking our San Juan and Chimbas Elders home. Elder Coronel on my right, showing his English certificate he earned by taking the BYU English test. His accent is great and he learned English by watching movies and listening to music. He sounds like he is from the states.

Great ready for the wild and crazy scripture chase.
The winners from each zone fighting in the play offs, Hermana Pelton, Elder Williams, Hermana Ochoa.
Hermana Ochoa was the winner!
Maipu Zone won.

San Luis Zone training with leaders Elders Hopkin and Burr.
Villa Mercedes Zone training by leaders Elders Williams, Esplin.
Maipu Zone training by leaders Elders Redd, and Frost.
After ever Zone Conference we end with the Mendoza Mission Song and Cheer!

The Official Pictures
Group Photo- San Rafael, Alvear, Guaymallen. Zone Leaders sitting on floor.
San Rafael Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Abella and Elder Morinico.
Alvear Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Barra, and Elder Scoville.
Guaymallen Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Cabranes, and Elder Gomez.
Group Photo- San Martin, Chimbas, San Juan Zones. Zone Leaders on floor.
Godoy Cruz Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Moncur, and Elder White.

Mendoza Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Orduña, and Elder Garcia.
Valle de Uco Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Rabanal, and Elder Fielding.
Group Photo- San Martin, Chimbas, San Juan Zones. Zone Leaders on floor.
San Juan Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Hyer, and Elder Sandford.
Chimbas Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Roberts, and Elder Menocal.
San Martin Zone- Zone Leaders Elder George and Elder Mason.
Group Photo- San Luis, Villa Mercedes, Maipu. Zone Leaders on floor.
San Luis Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Hopkin and Elder Burr.
Villa Mercedes Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Williams, and Elder Burr.
Maipu Zone- leaders Elder Redd and Elder Frost.
Office Zone- Zone Leaders Elders Ivie and Elder Hoggard.


Joan said...

I love your blog. I served in the Mendoza mission in 1992 and 1993, and truly have some wonderful memories. Reading your blog brings it all back. I'll miss it when you are released.

Jeanine said...

I enjoy reading the blog. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

Melissa said...

Sister Lindahl,
It has been so fun to be able to go on your blog and find out what is happening in the mission. It makes me feel closer to the work while my son is there. We want to thank you and President Lindhal for all of your dedication and service! I know you will be missed but we wish you all the blessings you deserve from your mission! Love, Passantino Family