Monday, May 30, 2011

New Missionaries Come, Oldies Leave

Elder Cajas arrived late from the MTC in Peru. He was one of our visa waiters.
A fine group of great young men. We were sad to say goodbye to one of our favorite group of missionaries. All of them have served in leadership positions in the mission and will be greatly missed. The analogy is that the mission is like a fast moving train. Some jump on and others jump off, but the train keeps rumbling down the tracks. This is our last group of missionaries to say goodbye to. We will miss them.
(left back) Elders Wetzel, Guzman, Naranjo, Canaza, Sorensen, Coronel, Robinson, Lucas, Olson, Frischknecht, Hinojosa. (left front) Elders Beck, Campbell, Rodriguez, Brown.

Our Latino group with matching ties. Way to be united.
Reunion in our home with Elder Rodriguez and his parents.

We went to Lujan for a surprise baptism that Elder Frischknecht had planned so his mother could be present. Selva was baptized (below you can see her better) by Elder Frischknecht.
Selva and Elder Frischknecht's family and companion Elder Evans.
Our new missionaries arrived safely.

Hermana Zepeda with companion Hermana Diaz
Hermana Bedke (California)(center) with companions Hermana Gutierrez and Anderson
Elder Rojas (Peru) with companion Elder Mori
Elder Wixom (Utah) with companion Elder Leany
Elder Cerna (El Salvador) (right) with companion Elder Linares
Elder Moon (Utah) with companion Elder Ostler and also President
Elder Baca (Peru) with companion Elder Sanchez
Elder Fausett (Louisiana) with companion Elder Evans
Elder Ortega (Panama) with new companion Elder Quintero
Elder Gil (Peru) with new companion Elder Gonzalez

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