Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Week of Inspections and a Visit From The Past

The last two weeks I have been inspecting the pensiones (apartments) of the missionaries in the Mendoza, Godoy Cruz, and Maipu Zones. I have this interesting reputation that sends fear into the missionaries hearts. Last week, there wasn't enough fear and some of the companionships will be experiencing another visit. But these fine Zone Leaders (Elder Frost and Elder Redd) decided it was better to "brown-nose" and they were ready for the inspection. They not only had their emergency evacuation sheet posted, but demonstrated their emergency backpacks full of every item on the list. That was not all. Keep reading...
The office filmed a video a year ago written by Elder Lloyd, we call it the "Elder Squires lapping up the milk" video. It was hilarious. The story line is, Hermana Lindahl is coming to visit the apartments. She does an inspection of all the rooms, with the Elders cowering in the background. Elder Squires is asked the question, how clean is your kitchen floor. He says he cleaned it himself. I reach in the refrigerator and pull out a carton of milk. I pour it on the floor and tell him to get down and lap up the milk off the floor. He hesitates and I ask if he is scared. Of course the reply is NO. So I tell him to lick it up like a "cute little kitten." I swear you have to see it to appreciate it. Anyway, the video is famous in the mission. When I entered the apartment of the Maipu Zone Leaders, Elder Frost rolled out the red carpet (blanket) and then handed me a carton of milk. Just to prove that his kitchen floor was clean we did another reinactment of the lapping up the milk video. (Pictured, Elder Frost with the milk and cookies he used)
We had a surprise visit from Sister Ashley Walker (left of me), who served with us in the beginning of our mission. She came with another Sister missionary Kara Goodwin (and brother Brett) who went home the month before we arrived. They all came for a visit. It was fun to reminisce and talk about our "old" missionaries and how everyone is doing. We send our love and best wishes to all of those wonderful missionaries with a hope that we will see you all at the first reunion September 30th.

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Carla said...

What you guys do is so admirable. How many people in the world is willing to help others without expecting anything in ezchange. I have been living in Argentina for 3 years now and I have seen missionaries from all over the world. Also inspectors are great- They go around all of the Argentina apartments occupied by missionaries and they have typical Argentinean reunions while they celebrate the gathering and the purpose why they are here. I am certain that you have helped more than a thousand souls and Argentina is also growing because of you!