Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve With Our Firends

Christmas Eve was spent with the Paez family in Godoy Cruz. Milagros, Carla, and Sister Gabriella Paez (Bishop Paez took the picture).
The meal was very Argentine, which is a variety of meats (chicken, roast beef, tuna) with tomatoes and palm hearts, potatoes and eggs. The family traditionally will eat after 10:00 PM and then after midnight the festivities begin. The family then opens up their gifts and play games together. We listened to fireworks going off all over the city (big ones) from midnight until 4:00. Then the streets are quiet most of the day as people sleep in.
The office staff and Assistants all joined us for lunch at a local restaurant. The Elders at the end of the table ordered up the variety BBQ plate (beef, chicken, goat, pork sausage, blood sausage). I was glad I sat at this end of the table. Shouldn't there be laws against food like that?

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