Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Party

We had entertainment from Elder Arce, who sang Argentine folk music. He is delightful, the missionaries loved it.
The tables were set with simple decoration, but the color made it fun and festive.
No party is complete without Papa Noel (alias Santa Claus Elder Quist). He handed out all 180 stockings to the missionaries. The Elders loved their ties, but of course some wanted certain ones, so they did some trading. The sisters were more content with their lotions and sprays.
All in all, the parties went well and were well received. Of course the greatest reward is when an Elder says to you- That is the best Christmas party I have ever been to. To some of the Latin Elders, it was probably the first Christmas party they had ever been to.
For President and I, that was all the Christmas we needed, seeing all our missionaries SMILE!

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Melinda Lindahl said...

Lexie says Grandma looks like Santa's helper and maybe even a Mrs. Claus for Santa. We are so glad you were able to make the missionaries smile. You both are such wonderful mission presidents!