Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Party

The Elders were all very happy to see each other. Some new Elders were able to meet Elders they had never seen in the mission before. (Left to right) Elders Steig, Castellon, Gonzales, Sander, Leal, Chase, Opheikens
We played the white elephant gift exchange game. The missionaries had a great time taking each others gifts. The hot gifts were: A1 sauce, special matte cup, 2 Elders who sang a merry christmas song with a dance, and the blow up guitar. (left to right) Elders Sanders, Moisko, Figueroa, Fuentes.
There was a special Christmas pageant with all the costumes and narration. In this photo President is reading his part and then extending to each missionary the thought- Now is the time "to forget yourself, and go to work", spread cheer and smiles and hope with the message of peace. The only way to true happiness is to give away more than you receive. Now is their time to give.
Do you see their smiles? Nothing makes a Hermana more happy than to decorate something and make it look lovely. These sisters had a great time (right) Hermanas Tolaba, Llancanao, Ehlert, White.

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