Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Missionaries

Our new US missionaries missed their transfer in Buenos Aires, so with no seats available for them on the next flight, they were put on a 14 hour bus ride to Mendoza. That wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't just taken them 20 hours to get to Buenos Aires. Then their luggage never arrived, so they have been in the same sweaty clothes for three days. I bet a shower never felt so good. When we saw them we were so happy. What a tall group they are, I am sure everyone in the airport thought they were a basketball team traveling the world in dark colored suits.
(left to right) Elders Sprague, Ashby, Cooper, Roundy, Lauritzen, Aschieris, Snow, Hermana Warren, Elders Yachovitch, Meldrum, Johnson, Bodily, Ayer.


Melinda Lindahl said...

What a handsome group. That would have killed me not have a shower for three days and wear the same clothes that long. Yuck! I will email you soon and tell you all about the fam. Love you guys!

Tara said...

Poor girl! Looks like a great group of missionaries. That girls has got to be a special person! We sure miss you this season. Hope and pray that all is well.