Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good bye Party for the Quists'

Elder and Hermana Quist have served their 18 months, and are headed home to Boise, Idaho (in the middle). All us "old people" went out to celebrate the ocassion. After seeing the steak Elder Quist consumed, I hope he makes it home next week. Argentina is known for their beef, but the salmon I had tasted just fine. Later in the meal we were sung to by two men strumming guitars. It was a wonderful evening with good friends. (Jarvis' in the front)
Can you feel your arteries crying. This is an example of the "bife chorizo" that Elder Quist ate. The Argentines like this cut of beef the best, it is the specialty of the restaurant.
Our favorite server, who makes me a special salad dressing each time I come. He is a good friend. The salad has about every vegetable there is in it. It is wonderful!

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Tara said...

We know that steak is yours mom, you don't have to lie about it! Yikes. Do you have someone replacing that sweet couple?