Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ryan Lindahl in Argentina

The story starts below, as father and son watch Aconcagua which was covered with clouds. We traveled all this way to see the tallest peak in the western hemisphere, and it was shrouded in storm clouds. After a quick silent prayer, the clouds began to break for just a moment, and the peak which is center between the clouds poked through for just a moment. As we were walking down the hill the clouds filled the whole sky. We were later in a huge hail storm and had to seek shelter under the entry arch of the Hotel Uspallata.
The peak could not even be seen through all the clouds. But our faith did not waver.
We were glad to see him come through the door...at last. Each time we see a family member or friend, it reassures us that we can make it three years as long as we can hug those we love from home once in a while. O.K. that's not including the other 170 children we have here. But who's counting.


Tara said...

Glad you made it Ry. Hope you have an amazing week! I can't wait to have my turn. Love you all. Tara

Melinda Lindahl said...

Wow! I'm glad you guys survived the hail storm. Spence and I were really lucky to see Acongagua the time we did. I am so happy Ryan is there with you both. I hope you continue having a wonderful time. I'm so thankful for your blog that keeps us in your lives. Love you, and miss talking to you.