Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zone Leader Counsel with Assistants

One of the perks for being a zone leader in one of our 7 zones, is the opportunity to come together once a month for Consejos. This includes a brunch in the morning, a meeting with the assistants and President, and then off to our mission home for a great taco dinner. It takes hours to prepare, but not days (before we found the tortillas in WalMart, and Hermana Mallea rolled each tortilla out by hand). Elders Sullivan, Morgan, Pedersen, Candelario, Hawks, Malaki, Anaya, Sander, Romano, Benetiz. (upper left to right) President, me, Arario, Parry, Rubiolo, Armstrong, Moisko, Phippen, Jensen, Mathier.

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Dennis Gibson said...

I spoke with Jim on the phone tonight and he told me about the blog. I read the blog along with Linda and we enjoyed it very much. I definitely feel "reverse trunky". Keep up the great work. Que Dios les bendiga.