Thursday, January 22, 2009

Salentein Bodega (winery) with Ryan

The grapes will be ready to harvest in February/March. There will be festivals, parades, and plenty of taste testing. People come from all over the world for the event.Align Center
Align LeftRyan and Jim in front of the winery as we are going in for a tour. Salentein exports 50% of their wine and fruit to over 40 countries. They bottle over 1.2 million liters of wine a season. Their prices per bottle range from $50-$7. The one fact that I feel is interesting in the growing of the grapes- they do not pull the weeds between the rows of grapes because the weeds challenge the root system of the grapes to force the roots of the grapes to grow stronger, as well as the weeds help to aerate the soil. (Trying to eliminate all the weeds from our lives is not always the answer, we grow stronger by facing our challenges and dealing with them in a mature way)


Tara said...

I like your weed story! I can see it now in Sister Lindahls next amazing talk! I love it. Looks like you had a great time. Miss you all.

Melinda Lindahl said...

You put that very wisely about the weeds. I learned something.