Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim

The San Luis Zone send this photo to Jim and I. Actually my birthday is the 2nd and Jim is the 4th, but they they were so kind I didn't want to correct them. The first picture is of the missionaries who are in San Luis (3 1/2 hours from Mendoza) and the second picture is of those missionaries WAY far out in San Luis area (5 hrs). Our missionaries helped us to have a happy birthday.
A party with our Senior Couples (left-Brown's and Jarvis's) and Jim's counselors in the mission presidency (Sister Rastelli whose husband got there late, Acosta's)
The Maipu Zone got together to celebrate our birthday's. It looks like they had a good time without us.

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Tara said...

i am glad that someone is taking care of my mom and dad on their birthdays! I love the coca cola in the center of dads party!