Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Missionaries Arrive

Elder Sandford arrived first, he has been serving in Arizona waiting for his visa. Atleast he was speaking spanish and perfecting his language. He was fast tracked in the MTC because of his language ability but that didn't make his visa come any faster.

We received 9 missionaries today, and they were all happy to finally arrive and be able to take a shower and get some sleep. No one does much sleeping on the airplane. After feeding them, they went in the plaza and practiced "opening the mouth" along with the assistance from our office Elders.
Group photo in front of the Monument of San Martin.
Airport mug shot for our office workers. They write the names above their heads, and then write the name of their companion above that. This helps everyone in the office to practice their names and who they have been placed with. Let's see if I can do it-
(left) Elders Roberts and Harvey, Hermana's Burnett and Deem, Elders Boyle, Romano, Davis, Gomez, Bigelow. I think I got one hundred percent.

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