Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Winner of the Thanksgiving Feast- San Juan Zone

Helpers in the Kitchen after dinner. I regret not getting my camera out and proving to my kids that I found a turkey and cooked it up all by myself. Everything is hard here. No one eats turkey here, so I had to go to the one place in the city where I could order a turkey. They had it for me, a 11.8 kilo turkey (26 lbs.) frozen solid. It took two days just to get it thawed enough to stuff it. We had the usual Thanksgiving feast, minus the yams. The homemade pumpkin pies made from butternut squash I over cooked a bit, but they tasted great. The lemon meringue pie was a flop, their cornstarch isn't the same. We called it lemon pudding. There was not one bit of food left when we were done. They were hungry young men.
The San Juan Zone were the winners of the month long (friendly) competition. They kept track of all their key indicators. They were on a point system, and all the 11 zones worked very hard to win the Thanksgiving Feast at the mission home. We congratulate the Zone Leaders Elder Duel and Martin for their success and great leadership. They had 20 baptisms on Saturday which put them over the top.
(Left back)Elders Rodriguez, Newbold, Johnson, Snow, Reynolds, Rios, Carrasco
(Front) Elders Jones, Crowther, Morinico, Duel, Martin, Martins, Naranjo, Workman, Hollinger

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ShereeGossling said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. My son was just called to the Cordoba mission and I wish they had a blog. Perhaps you can speak with his future mission president the Olson's...that would be wonderful!!!

Well, I am going through all of your fantastic pictures and came across the one of President and Dennis Gibson where you mentioned them serving together in Uruguay/Paraguay 38 years ago. My husband also served in that mission 38 years ago. Tell your husband hello from Jim Gossling. And again, great blog! Your family and the missionary moms are very fortunate.