Monday, November 30, 2009

San Luis Stake Conference

The last three days we have spoken at 4 meetings. San Luis had two sessions of stake conference each day. These sweet little angels were the choir for the conference. The young lady, third from the right, was the lead singer- the one most mom's are proud of. She sang with all her gusto and lead the others with her strong confident voice. The little one on the right was the one most mom's wonder about- she didn't sing a word but loved being in front of the people. Jim and I spoke at all the conferences, traveling an hour and a half from each building, back and forth. It was a tiring trip. But no matter how tired we were the spirit still supported us and all went well.
The First Counselor's daughter was such a doll. We had lunch between the meetings at one of their homes and this young lady wanted a picture of the two of us. I forgot to take it, but before we left I wanted to get the picture. There is a story though behind the scenes. We always speak at our conferences knowing that we are there to teach the "one" somewhere in the audience. The "one" was there at the afternoon conference. He is the young man looking away at the far right. The Elders brought him up to the stand even though the young man said he couldn't possible speak to the Mission President. When they shook hands the young man started to cry. He cried like a baby using his tie as a hankie. He is a potential missionary who has lacked the spirit and direction but wants to straighten his life out. He was helped that day, and the spirit was there to confirm in his heart that he was now on the right path. The "one" at the morning session was a lady that came up after conference.
It was late as we left San Luis on our 5 hour trip home. These weekends take a lot out of us.

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