Monday, November 2, 2009

October/November Zone Conference

I missed the photo, but Elder Roy was standing on the backs of these strong Elders. Only proving that the most important person of the pyramid, who can not be removed is Elder Davis (middle on the floor). A lesson on the importance of the Book of Mormon in testifying of the restoration. Like Elder Holland put it in conference, those who leave the church must do so-by crawling over, or under, or around the Book of Mormon to make that exit.
Elder Roy, Lloyd, Sargent, Williams, Davis, Ashby

Happy Guaymallen Zone
San Rafael Zone (Elder Wells and Elder Aparcana)
Alvear Zone (Elder Sanchez and Elder Vasquez)
Mendoza Zone (Elder Contreras and Elder Stevenson)
Godoy Cruz Zone (Elder Rodriguez and Elder Wiest)
Guaymallen Zone (Elder Mayta and Elder Sargent)
San Luis Zone (Elder Fuentes and Elder Boudrero)
Maipu Zone (Elder Toledo and Elder Medina)
San Martin Zone (Elder Lambert and Elder Ayala)
Valle de Uco Zone (Elder Manqui and Elder Clayson)
Chimbas Zone (Elder Bills and Elder Cardus)
San Juan Zone (Elder Martin and Elder Duel)
In San Rafael in the evening we drove past a large building where many people were gathering. There was a folklore dance presentation of the people from their various areas. They were all waiting to go on and posed for this picture with Elder Squires (back).
Elder Cooper, Barrus, Ryan, Perdomo, Linares
Hermana Villalba, Alvez, me Hermana Rojas, Maucotel
Elders Olson, Martinez, Guzman, Beck, Aschieris
Hermana Huzzey, Chamorro, Hunt, me, Hermana Flake, Kartchner, Bonilla
(Top) Elder Snow, Elder Newbold, Rios, Naranjo, Mendoza, Jones
Who is the most important building block?

Top Zone for the month of September San Juan. Zone Leaders Elder Cardus and Elder Bills
Hermana Warren, Llancanao, me, Hermana White
Celebrating my birthday with San Juan/Chimbas Zone. They made me a birthday cake and this t-shirt that had all their names on the back. Thanks Elder Martin, Duel, Reynolds!
Elder Rodriguez and Hollinger helping me celebrate
Water wheel outside of San Juan still in operation bringing the water from the irrigation ditch through a pipe out to the fields.

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