Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consejos June 2010

The Top Zone for July- Maipu Zone- with Elder Paz and Elder Wajchman as Zone Leaders
The Zone Leaders Counsel is a full day of food, the spirit, instruction, and practices. This is the first Consejos that the Zone Leaders came the night before and had get-to-know you activities. The next day was incredible to watch the difference from all the other Consejo's we have had. They usually stand apart from each other in the morning when they are eating their brunch. Today they all stood together, visiting and enjoying each others friendship. Definitely worth the extra few hours of work.
Elder Sorensen and Elder Medina (not shown) and their Chimbas Zone won the World Wide "Mundial" competition. It was played like the World Cup, with brackets. We had Mundial t-shirts made with the Mission logo, and medals. Chimbas was the winner of the first bracket
Elder Campbell and Elder Frischknecht won the second bracket of the Mundial competition with the Valle de Uco Zone. They won matching ties. I am sure they will be sported at the next zone conference.
Elder Ruiz reached his goals as the top District Leader
Elder Porras reached his goals as a top District Leader
Elder Reynolds the Top Zone Leader for May
Zone of the month- MAIPU with Elder Paz and Elder Wajchman as zone leaders
The Zone Leaders who reached their goals for July- Mendoza Zone with Elder Linares and Elder Smith and Chimbas Zone with Elder Sorensen and Elder Gimenez. They received Argentina scarves.
After a big lunch- don't they look a little tired?
(left back) Elders Frischknecht, Sorensen, Bills, Mamani, Hurst, Porras, Paz (left middle) Elders Canaza, Cardus (AP) Ascheris, Ashby, Gimenez, Morera, Linares, Wajchman, Nieve, Snow (left front) Elders Orduña, Campbell, LeBron, Martin (AP), Smith, Reynolds, Wiest (AP), Robinson, Hopkin.
Singing the Mission song!

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