Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stake Conference in San Luis

President with Mauro, a young man that always comes up and says hi after stake conferences. He is a sweet, future missionary who has that look about him that he will be some one important in the church someday in this part of the world.
His name is Hipolito Gerez from Maldando, Uruguay. He was baptized in a branch called Bella Union in 1973 in Uruguay. Jim was the missionary who opened that branch in Uruguay 37 years ago one year before Hipolito was baptized. It is so interesting and worth noting, that our missionaries never will know all of the lives that they are affecting and touching during their time on their missions. If that branch had not been opened, this man would not be a member of the church. All of his children have served missions and married in the temple.
Alex Arrieta (left) with his missionaries Hermana Sybrowsky and Ochoa. This young man has a special look about him. He and his family are soon to be baptized. Alex stayed by my side the whole time I was in the chapel after we had talked at the conference. He just wanted to be loved and hugged.
Selma Arrieta- she smiles just like my granddaughters, always ready with a pose.
The Arrieta family with Hermanas Sybrowsky and Ochoa. (Selma, Mom Karina, Malina, Dad Evon, me, Alex, President)

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