Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Missionaries Arrive- We love them already!

Elder Evans from Provo arrived on time to the mission. We now have 10 missionaries, visa waiters, scattered through out the US. These arriving missionaries probably don't know how lucky they are. It seems all the Argentina visas are on hold because of the World Soccer Cup in So. Africa.
Elder Leany from Kearns, Utah
Hermana Richins from Richmond, Utah
Hermana Pelton from Bothell, Washington


Karen said...

Look at how excited they are. Energetic, well prepared, and oh, so green! :) Our love and prayers are with them all.

Heath said...

Hi President and Sister Lindahl. My name is Heather. We just sent my brother, Elder Ryan McClain, to the MTC this morning. I am his older sister. I was so excited to find your blog and hope to see a few pictures during the course of his mission. The internet can certainly be a blessing to missionaries and their families. We have so much faith that he will be taken care of and we know that you will make sure he stays on track and has a wonderful experience. Thank you in advance for all of the guidance and comfort you will provide for Elder McClain while he is so far away from home. You can e-mail me at hjosutedja@gmail.com if you have the time. We love you already!