Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oldies Leave

Elder Stevenson and his parents
My favorite part is seeing the parents when they come to pick up their missionary. They are always touched by the conditions their missionaries live under, and equally touched as they enter the homes of their converts. What a great experience to share with the whole family.
Elder Sargent and mom at the airport
Reunited with both mom and dad- Elder Sargent
Dinner with the oldies in our home (left) Elders Sargent, Clayson, Christensen, Stevenson, Hermanas Flake, Maucotel, Elders Roy, Cubilla, Alvarado, Flores (floor) Matson, Budge.
Elders Budge, Matson, Hermanas Maucotel, Flake
I am always sad to lose my Hermanas, there aren't enough of them anyway. These are two special young ladies. Hermanas Maucotel and Flake.
The private table- Elders Stevenson, Clayson, Sargent, Christensen
Elders Flores and Roy


Tara said...

Counldn't switch anyone spots? Dang. Looks like a fine meal. Not many missionaries can say that they missed the food from their missions, but with you cooking I bet they all will say that!

Melinda Lindahl said...

It is sad to see your missionaries go home when you've given sweat, blood, and tears in their behalf. I wish there were more hermanas for you too. Gotta be lonely. You are doing a great job on your blog!