Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Zone Conference with Elder and Hermana Zivic

Elder Zivic and his wife Dina Zivic with us in front of the Cerro de la Gloria. Argentina celebrated their bi-centennial celebration of San Martin (on the horse) and his troops crossing into Chile. In 1810 the troops fought Spanish soldiers winning as they went freedom from the grips of Spain for Peru, Chile, and Argentina.
The Brown's are our senior couple who will be going home next week. Hermana Brown has served as our nurse and her husband has been helping with the maintenance of the apartments and the bookstore. We will miss them.
Elder and Sister Zivic with the Rastelli's and Anna Acosta. They were the ones who did all the cooking and serving of the lunch three days in a row for our 200 missionaries. The zones were divided into 4 zones per day. It was a wonderful experience for our missionaries.
The service tables with all the food.
The last day of the week we had a big group of Hermanas, and they enjoyed sitting together and sharing experiences and visiting with old friends and companions.

San Juan Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Reynolds, and Elder Conti
Chimbas Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Medina and Elder Sorensen
San Martin Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Mamani and Elder Hurst
Maipu Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Wajchman and Elder Paz
Valle de Uco Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Campbell and Elder Frischknecht
Mendoza Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Smith and Elder Linares
Godoy Cruz Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Hopkin and Elder Toledo
Guaymallen Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Nieve and Elder Boyd
Alvear Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Bills and Elder LeBron
San Rafael Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Patterson and Elder Ramirez
San Luis Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Bodily and Elder Orduña
Valle Mercedes Zone- Zone Leaders Elder Mendoza and Elder Smith
Office Zone with Assistants Elders Martin, Cardus, Wiest


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sis. Lindahl for these pics you post each zone conference. Matt tells us what a wonderful influence you are to him and we're so grateful for you and Pres. Lindahl, who is of course also a great influence! Thank you for all you do for these missionaries. Con Amor, Denise Moncur

Karen said...

And as a mother whose daughter will be joining you in a couple of weeks, thank you for making us both feel at home with you already. I love that I can see pictures of all the missionaries serving and how happy they always seem. Hermana Pelton is very excited to get to work and we are thankful for your love and service. Sis. Pelton, Sr. :)

Karen said...

I would like to email you a letter we were asked to write to Pres. Lindal telling him about Sis. Pelton's family. Would you email it to me? That way your info doesn't get posted on this site. Thanks.