Monday, February 16, 2009

Area Conference Meetings Feb. 12-15

We arrived in Buenos Aires and stayed with the Bentons over night, and left in the morning by ferry to Colonia Uruguay, across the Rio de la Plata. We took this picture at the top of a hotel in Buenos Aires. The city is huge, 3 million inside the city and 10 million in the metropolitan area, making it one of the 10 most populated urban centers in the world.
It has taken him 37 years, but Jim is finally on the shores of his first mission (Uruguay/Paraguay in the old days). It was nostalgic to be back and for him to remember the familiar landscape and people. Memories flooded back as he spoke of his various escapades, and also the dangers that existed back then. It made me very happy to hear him speak in almost reverenced tones about the experience that changed his life and started him on a firm foundation in the church.
President and I in our casual clothing, arriving in Colonia Uruguay. The Sheraton we stayed in was lovely, right on the Rio de la Plata. The river separates Uruguay from Argentina, and we traveled about 30 miles by boat, but the largest span is 137 miles wide at the mouth where it opens into the Atlantic Ocean. This picture just doesn't look quite right with the brown water behind us. I am so use to the blue water of the ocean.

Iglesia Matriz, the oldest church in Uruguay dating from 1695-99. Inside the church on the wall near the altar were little silver charms of arms, legs, feet etc. They were presented to the church by patrons who were healed by the various Saints. These charms represented the portion of the body that had been healed.
This street is a typical street in the historic city. Notice how irregular the cobblestone street is. Some of the stone looks like petrified wood they are so old. I am with our dear friends Pres. and Sister Benton from BA West Mission, one of the presidents that came out with us in July 2008.
Puerta de la Ciudadela, is a drawbridge built in 1745 by the governor to safeguard the walled city. This portion has been restored, which leads to the historic district.

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