Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Zone Represents 9 Countries

We had our last zone conference yesterday and decided this photo was a must. Each Elder represents a different country. Elder Berrocal (Columbia) Elder Smith (Canada) Elder Jensen (USA) Elder Sander (Uruguay) (me and President) Elder Anaya (Mexico) Elder Mendoza (Honduras) Elder Fuentes (Chile) Elder Aparcana (Peru) Elder Mathier (Argentina)
These three Elders will be having their Patriarchal Blessings this week by the local Patriarch- Patriarca Cristeche. Elder Aparcana (Peru) Elder Castellon (Columbia) Elder Mendoza (Honduras).


Tara said...

That top picture needs to be in the church new! I love how they are all on their elbows. I love it! So good to talk to you yesterday!

Tina said...

I love it! It really is a miracle!!!