Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night Dinner with Assistants

The Assistants come in each weekend from "lands far off" and have dinner and a meeting on Sunday evening. We had ravioles for dinner, chau chaus (green beans), ensalada lechuga, and ensalada fruita, and of course pan (bread). I even made mom's lemon glaze cake just to remind me of the old family home evening days at the Brown's. It's conveninent to have an ice cream parlor two blocks down, so atleast buying ice cream has never been a problem.
Elder Pedersen (Argentina) Elder Rubiolo (Argentina) Elder Sander (Uruguay) Elder Anaya (Family Mexico, raised in St. George)
They all look happy because I insisted they have seconds!


Tara said...

WOw, what a handsome group of men. Maybe I should have gone to High School there! Just kidding. Love you

Hermana Cheryl y Presidente Evrett Benton said...

It's incredible that your schedule and experiences are exactly like ours! Even the missionaries look almost the same!

We are thankful to have such a great couple of "fellow travelers" on the "road to missionary work" here in Argentina.

We are also grateful that this circumstance gives us the opportunity to forge a bond of friendship with you both that will last forever!

As we go through our Mission Schedule everyday, we fondly think of you two, doing the same.(Think of a smiley face here.)

Lots of love and best wishes to you, Hermana y Presidente Lindahl!

Hermana y Presidente Benton