Thursday, February 5, 2009

The End of a Long but Rewarding Week

If we look a bit tired, it is because we were. Last night we went out to dinner with two amazing missionaries and their parents. The West's on my right, Elder West next to President. The Hoskins are in the back, with Elder Hoskin next to Elder West. We know why these missionaries were so wonderful, because they came from such great families. It is a joy to be apart of their lives for one last time before they go. Both were leaders in the mission and we expect the same in their future.
I wish you could have all been there for the testimony meeting of these 21 departing Elders. Tears were flowing, and you could feel the volume of the spirit penetrate each heart. As some of the Elders spoke I could see the majesty of their futures, and the impact they will continue to make. The mission isn't the is the beginning of the new awakening to the depth of work that still needs to be accomplished in Father's kingdom. Back left- President,Elders Peralta, (me), Aragon, Hoskins, Erickson, Bennion, Manning, Elford. Middle left-Guerrero, Flake, Newman, Mohor, Arrario, West, Duarte, Gasser, Ruiz. Bottom left- Elders Bingham, West Schwartz, Macias, Pereyra.
Unannounced or prepared, they joined together to sing the mission song just one more time. Not a dry eye anywhere. If this experience doesn't impact their lives, nothing will. The sermon was worth a thousand words if spoken. But it wasn't. Just Elders slapping each other on the back and giving multiple hugs, not wanting the moment to end and have to really leave the room that was so thick with the spirit. I tear up just thinking about it. Oh I hope each of our new missionaries will have this experience.
I like to do my own cooking, and the missionaries don't seem to mind. The viejitos usually get chicken, but because the new missionaries arrived so late in the evening they didn't get their dinner at the mission home. So these Elders had to eat the lasagna because I had already purchased the groceries. It seemed to disappear, and the chocolate cake and flan and dulce la leche icecream. All gentlemen they are. Even cleaned up after themselves. Somebody's mother did a really good job in teaching.

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Tara said...

Holy cow mom!!!!! How do you cook for that many people and even worse how do you set a table for that many people, and I can't imagine anyone there is a light eater! You are amazing. Ryan keeps saying how amazing you were when he was there. So brave, no fear! I am proud to be yours. We miss you so much and miss being at that table. I hope you bring back some good new recipes!