Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Army of Helaman has arrived!

Elder Bateman was the last to arrive. Better a day late than never. He tried to caught up with the group in Buenos Aires, but the airlines just wouldn't cooperate. He missed the training, but I am sure all will be well, because Elder Bateman came with enthusiasm and a desire to work.
We received 8 Latino's, 8 Gringo's, and 2 Gringa's. Don't they look clean and polished...and oh a bit tired from 2 days of travel (for some). All except for our wonderful Elder Swainston (second from right) who is returning to our mission, after going home for health reasons (That took some work on President's part to convince Salt Lake). But one must fight for those important things- like one of the most powerful missionaries the mission has had.
Left Sister Maucotel, Elders Bills, Mitma, Davis, Sister Flake, Elders Paz, Reynolds, (back) Elder Hurst, Ahmad, Alfonso, Salazar, Rodriguez, Cabellero, Nieve, Mamani, Swainston, Mendoza
Our gringa's, Hermana Maucotel and Hermana Flake. Can we just duplicate these two. They are here for all the right reasons, to work, to love the people, and to make an impact on the world. And they will!
Another surprise for a parent at the airport. Elder Bennion was in the office and hitched a ride to the airport to help pick up Elder Bateman. Elder Bennion's parents arrived at the same time as Elder Bateman. Elder Bennion's mother Sister Carter held on to her son for almost 15 minutes and didn't want to let him go. Elder Bennion was one of the finest missionaries we had, and I guess his mother knew it.


SAML said...

Elder Lambert shared with us his experience in being assigned Elder Bateman as his companion. Very Funny! He loves Elder Bateman!!! Thank you for taking the time to keep your blog updated and for sharing the pictures and stories. We really do enjoy reading your blog! Also, Thank you for your wonderful example and leadership. Our son has learned so much and he's such a fine young man. He loves his mission and he loves the Lord! Our prayers are with you and your missionaries always! Thank you!

Donna said...

It is wonderful to read that Elder Lambert loves Elder Bateman---because Elder Bateman professes undying devotion to Elder Lambert in his emails to the family. Sister Lindahl, your blog is such a wonderful connection to the mission and the Elders without causing undue interruption to the missionaries. Thank you for taking your time to share with us. Amazing how strong the Spirit is through an Internet connection!