Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Beginning of the Week of Change

This is the start of the week when the new missionaries come and old missionaries leave. We were able to pull off a surprise with Elder Flake's parents at the airport. They came in early, and Elder Flake was in the office that day and so we brought him with us to the airport. We greeted his parents, and had Elder Flake come from behind and tap is mom on the shoulder and ask for money. She turned around and gave off quite a squeal. Brother Flake is a US Senator from Arizone, and Jim was a little leary of him traveling around Mendoza without language ability. Tonight our new missionaries (17) will arrive at 9:00. Too late for the usual dinner at President's home and so we will take them to McDonalds on their way to their pensiones. Don't feel too bad for them they receive a large meal at the MTC in Buenos Aires for lunch. We will not take pictures until tomorrow with them. Stay tuned!

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