Monday, February 16, 2009

More of Colonia Uruguay

The Plaza de Toros or bullring was built in 1910 and saw only 8 bull fights before bullfighting was prohibited in 1912. The ring was part of a huge complex including a hotel and racecourse. Only the racecourse is still functioning. I included this picture because as an animal lover I thought that this was quite a lesson. There must have been a woman president that year who also didn't like all that gore.
Colonia has beautiful old buildings. Just to give you a little history of the city it was founded in 1680 by Portugal, but traded hands with Spain five different times before it finally became an independent country in 1828.
Standing on top of the lighthouse El Faro, constructed in 1857 from stones from the ruins of Convento de San Francisco. It gives you a great view of the city.
Valentines night there was a lovely dinner and dance for us all to enjoy. To the right, Elder Aidukitis and Luisa, Pres. Wilson and Emolyn (BA MTC) Pres. Bradley and Tammy, Elder Spitali and wife.
The original group from July 2008 MTC. We are still alive to tell the tale. Left- Pres. Villalba, Pres. Benton, Pres. del Castillo, Pres. Lindahl, Pres. Northcutt. This is our second area conference together.

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